Lying Down Twist with Gabi Gillessen

13 May 2020
This is a wonderful and practice for releasing tension from the upper back, shoulders and neck.
Not to be practiced in pregnancy and to protect the lower back please use support between the knees as shown in the video.
Thank you enjoy!

Three areas of the lungs with Gabi Gillessen

8 May 2020. In this practice we explore the breath in the three areas of the lungs.The breath is always there to bring us back to the present moment.

Lengthening the quads 2 with Gabi Gillessen

5 May 2020. This is the follow up video – stretching the quads in a prone position. Thank you!

Lengthening the quads with Gabi Gillessen

5 May 2020. In a different format for variety 🙂 Lengthening the quads prepares for back bends and releases the lower back. The first version is done standing and the second variation is done in a prone position. Enjoy!!!

Exhalation with Gabi Gillessen

30 April 2020. In this practice the position and movement of the thigh encourages the diaphragm to move higher into the chest, emptying the lungs – creating a deeper, fuller inhalation and exhalation. Keep breathing deeply and consciously!

Weight bearing in the legs with Gabi Gillessen

27 April 2020. Weight bearing is important for maintaining bone density. In this video one leg is taken through its full range of movement while the standing leg bears weight. Enjoy and keep practicing!!

Develop strength in the legs with Gabi Gillessen

23 April 2020. A great posture to develop strength in the legs and at the same time rest the mind! Strength and relaxation!

Gentle leg lifts with Gabi Gillessen

20 April 2020. Gentle leg lifts – eases tired legs, releases the lower back and aids peaceful sleep. Enjoy!

Breath Focussed Concentration with Gabi Gillessen

15 April 2020. This breath focused concentration brings us inward, away from thought back to the here and now. Enjoy and make time for the breath during the day!

Gentle Twists sequence with Gabi Gillessen

8 April 2020. Short twisting posture sequence. Twists balance our energy and mood. Enjoy and any feedback most welcome.

Connect and move with the breath with Gabi Gillessen

1 April 2020. In this short practice we connect and move with the breath.

Movement in the joints of the leg with Gabi Gillessen

1 April 2020. Exploring the range of movement in the joints of the leg and moving energy.

Shoulder and neck sequence with Gabi Gillessen

29 March 2020. Join me in a short shoulder and neck sequence. Enjoy and thank you!

Evening practice with Gabi Gillessen

23 March 2020. Enjoy this exploration of the spine and the fluidty of movement from head to toe!

Guided meditation with Gabi

23 March 2020. Guided meditation.

Guided meditation with Gabi Gillessen

Seated Posture to combat anxiety with Gabi Gillessen

20 March 2020. Seated Posture to combat anxiety. You need a bolster and a block.

Setu Bandha with Gabi Gillessen

18 March 2020. Join me in a short practice to keep your mood uplifted and your spine flexible.

Relaxation with Gabi

17 March 2020. I offer this audio clip of relaxation practice. There is a 30 second preparation clip followed by 17 minutes of practice.
Putting time aside for rest, refocus and recharging – is now more important than ever.

01 Preperation
02 Relaxation